Looking for lost sites - a field trip to northern Dordogne and southern Charente

On 29-31 March 2021, a team composed of Laurence Bourguignon, Sylvain Soriano and myself (Guillaume Guérin) went to the surroundings of Angoulême to evaluate the potential of previously excavated sites for future field work.
Quina flake found in the Vallon des Rebières (Brantôme, Charente)

Looking for old Quina sites

The mission took us to the vallon des Rebières, in Brantôme, where we found the abri des carnassiers, the grotte du Bonhomme, the abri des Rebières 1 and the Abri Durand-Ruel. In one of these shelters, a Quina flake was found lying on sediment.

We also went to la Quina, the abri du Chasseur (Vilhonneur), the abri Lartet in Montgaudier cave, Petit Puymoyen and Hauteroche (Châteauneuf-sur-Charente). Finally we visited the museum of Angoulême, where numerous collections are stored.